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Pretty good

It is a shame about the pre-loader, it is not actually loading the file, so it kinda defeats the point! Maybe remove the song?

As for the actual thing, pretty good, I would point out though that it doesn't seem to remember horizontal momentum. Try chucking him up and sideways at the time and he just falls straight down.

Otherwise, pretty good.

Kevin responds:

Well I haven't really mastered ragdoll physics.


Really good game, whoever got the world best is a real loser(where is that score hosted) good thing you told everyone to wait to play rathaer than just on the size, this could be a preloader game with ease because it is so small. One thing to improve on, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of skill to whether you get the powerups and the screen scrolls very qucikly. I paritucly liked the changing background when playing


A new concept. It is nice to see one of those. It took a while to get used to the constant moving padle. But just the right amount of chalenge. One way of improving it might be to add sound, but that would increase the file size, which at the moment is a positive boon

Better than ever

I am genuinelysad that this is the last demonic defence game, they have been gr8, and by no means is this 1 a let down. Costomisbale games, many types, saving, huge amont of ways to soustomise ur castle, all thats missing is multi player, and even that i don't think can be incoperated in to this game? PLEASE DON'T STOP FOR THE GOOD OF NG. But if it is the last, u have gone with a bang, u have daily no. 1 and will get weekly no. 1, u beat broken saints which up intil this day has been virtually imposible, this is like the halo2 of flash, i congratualte u.

Note to tom fulp, for specail movies like this make the overall go up to like 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
possibly more

Nice simple game

Cool, Ng users rember to click inside the game or nothin happens

First off that music was really good and suited the game really well, u should make a play button becasue the game starts before i had read all the instructions. Graphics were gr8 and smooth. Glitches, there was 1 at the end, when u click "retry" ur half way up the map, can u check that out. TOPTIP: Don't try to be clever just have a goToAndPlay command.

Overall loved that and will continue to play it when i am bored


I can fly... No it was really good liked that alot. Simple but effective. At the start i felt invincible and nothing can stop be then it felt like verything was killing me simaltaninlys. WARNING THIGS RESPAWN Fightinmg as a bit basic

GameBalance responds:


Nice game

I couldn't get very far, but i have a very tunnel sighted mind, but the game was gr8 and i can see that if u like that sort of game its really good. its also calming-good if u don't want to be hyper. Ways to improve, have in-game instructions. Maby it shoud be clearer what ur trying to do.

Overall Sweet

Right i will now go in to individual game review
Blob ball
That was well fun. huge amount of re-play abilty, simple but very effective, smooth animatiion, tip 4 ng useres do not be on the thing in the middle when more stuff comes out. I don't think there was enough different power-ups i got like 7 and there were 3 different, also u should reveal what they r going to be so people have to try and avoid the bad ones and get the good ones.

Trampoline man
I didn't think it was that gr8, it was good animtions though except i couldn't tell wether i had been hit or was simply ducking, also, u should have to hold down down to duck because then u don't have to un-duck, But u have a good idea keep working at it and it will be gr8

Turret gunner
Usslay love that kind of game and this was by no means an exception. Good use of different ships as u progress through the levels. How many levels r there casue it felt like it could go on 4ever. U should have weapon powerups. In the first level it was v. easy and i thought it was a sort of a stress relif game. The music was good and the controls standard set-up meaning people dont' hvae to ajust. the music was v. good and suited to the game

I don't know completly why it called gravity. when i read the help i thought it would be like packman. Gr8, really fun, i was addicted on that 4 ages. I like the way that 4 the first 5 points there is no enemy so u can get used to the controls. Good use of trail. I admire the fact u had different monsters and that ur clever enough to make it hard enough so people don't get to far so u don't have like 10000 enemys on the screen! The animations was smooth. I don't think the music was anything to remember (i say this casue i can't remeber it!) Sweet game.

The instuite
Good idea, just didn't work. Muisc good animations good but i hit them with out being anywhere near them. the combo idea was a good idea but they weren't v. good combos, that would have been alright if u had to do key-combos but all u did was hold donw a. Good idea, devolp it.

Start Fruit
The last game, this review as to win an awrd, who cares about the game. Anyhow it was a bit too easy to survive but yet it takes ages to get 2000 points. The animations were ok, the muisc ok but it has been done before and this wasn't anything better. But still good job, its way better than i could do.

Nice collections of games here. Good variety. Good menu selection although after a bit it became a bit tedious. I admire u 4 getting this together. U don't see many multi-user GAME collections there all movies. Nice job, u guys hsould get together and make a seqeul

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

The sequal is already planned.

Loved that

But couldn't get past the falling monster. I got off the right blue shooter, but nothing else, but i will deffinlty try again, because i want to play the 3rd 1. Some times the second can be a bit of a let down. Deffintly not here. The grpahics were gr8, i there wasn't a single flaw(that i found) Can u give a summary of what happens after the fuckin monster so that i can go on the next 1

Really good but

There was a glitch, i started walking to the left and then i walked onto the u r dead screen... what the hell, but really good game, u should set it so there r more key sets, casue i found that 1 wasn't too good.

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