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Its ok but...

It is a ok movie, a litle short but you say it is just a practice. But if it is just a practice and you don't think it is any good is there really any point submitting it. You get the practice either way.

Having said this, it was still very good lip syncing.


As my friend put it, OMG sums it up in a nutshell. I have been waiting for this movie for 3 years. I have viewed EVERY fake submission, I was going to organise a JZ day to encourage you to release it, then you do and there is going to be another 1 for me to die waiting for!!!

What can I say, THAT WAS SOOO AWESOME. You know that feeling you get when your really enjoying something and you want to savour every moment of it, I got that but on a huge scale. Please release no. 7 tommorow, or even better make me wait for it so the anticipation is huge, no scrap that, better tommorow.

DustBall Does it again

Another absolulty fantasict movie from dustball. the animation was genius. I don't really follow celeb gossip so I don't really know about them but from what I have seen they look like terrible people. Great lyrics, great song. What can I say, once again I can find no holes in your work :(.

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Pretty good

It is a shame about the pre-loader, it is not actually loading the file, so it kinda defeats the point! Maybe remove the song?

As for the actual thing, pretty good, I would point out though that it doesn't seem to remember horizontal momentum. Try chucking him up and sideways at the time and he just falls straight down.

Otherwise, pretty good.

Kevin responds:

Well I haven't really mastered ragdoll physics.


Really good game, whoever got the world best is a real loser(where is that score hosted) good thing you told everyone to wait to play rathaer than just on the size, this could be a preloader game with ease because it is so small. One thing to improve on, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of skill to whether you get the powerups and the screen scrolls very qucikly. I paritucly liked the changing background when playing


A new concept. It is nice to see one of those. It took a while to get used to the constant moving padle. But just the right amount of chalenge. One way of improving it might be to add sound, but that would increase the file size, which at the moment is a positive boon

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