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Its ok but...

It is a ok movie, a litle short but you say it is just a practice. But if it is just a practice and you don't think it is any good is there really any point submitting it. You get the practice either way.

Having said this, it was still very good lip syncing.


As my friend put it, OMG sums it up in a nutshell. I have been waiting for this movie for 3 years. I have viewed EVERY fake submission, I was going to organise a JZ day to encourage you to release it, then you do and there is going to be another 1 for me to die waiting for!!!

What can I say, THAT WAS SOOO AWESOME. You know that feeling you get when your really enjoying something and you want to savour every moment of it, I got that but on a huge scale. Please release no. 7 tommorow, or even better make me wait for it so the anticipation is huge, no scrap that, better tommorow.

DustBall Does it again

Another absolulty fantasict movie from dustball. the animation was genius. I don't really follow celeb gossip so I don't really know about them but from what I have seen they look like terrible people. Great lyrics, great song. What can I say, once again I can find no holes in your work :(.

Great animation...

But rubbishy music. That was possibly the worst collection of music ever. I loved the animation, I thought the 3D effects were genius. Small mistake on the stero(It always says the same song) but the best bit was the dido bit, and that was only featured. Do this agian but like with a w-i-d-e variety of music. Sure you can include rpa but have like some red hot chillis or better still some coldplay.


It was like team america. But so much worse. It wasn't
a) funny
c) anything worthe being.

I do not know how this got onto the front page or why you spent so much time making the animation quite good.

Everyone will like it
More like everyone will like the fact its ended. Don't try to be funny because your not. Your a good animator but not a comedian.

A bit of a let down

U used to many shades of brown for it only to be 5 but the animation was alright. u shoudl have just made a standard colab rather than taking on a 5 colours. 5 colours r 4 da very best so i wasdsiiappinted in that sense, i only reckoized one person. It was good animation though, go for a less well know title for your collab

I ussaly like your animations, why was urs headered with a preloader? Anyhwo, piutting aside the fact you used more than five shades of brown and white and black aren't brown then it was alright. Some of your loops weren't quite right and i don't have a clue whats going on

The bets one. U stick to the colour scheme a bit and your animation is traditional five shades animation. Loved the music but i dind't get the bit at the end where it sez "it never ends", and then it does?? Aww well. Next time choose a real five shades to be in as this is not real

Zerky Space Lizard
AWEOMSE, the only bad thing about it is the excessive amounts of gradients. The start was quite funny. To improve you should make it more clear who is firing the missile launcher thing as i thought it was going to hit da people then it blew up the tree...

By far too short. I don't particulary like that style and u used so many browns i lost count. the movie is menat to be oriented around the colur rather than making some stuff brown...Was good animating though

Space Chicken
You could tell from the start that it was going to be a funny movie. From the sign and the music. I personally thought the punchline was a bit of a let down. In some ways too short but in others the perfect lenght. You kept to the colour scheme perfectly


Really good and i am glad ur not just submitting rubbish becasue u think your great. OK, the ways to improve this would be, hey don't be imbarrsed that u can't program a preloader, just download the NG one, it works fine, you can find it in learning flash section when submitting a movie. Good use of sprite art but sometimes i didn't know what the hell was going on. Maby try to include some speach.You have potential, do not let it die.

The play button is not 3d, and it was terrible

Main problems:
The annoying music loops, make it so it loops with out a brief pause, it wasn't all 3d, and ws is not world security, it was incredibly short
Good thing (no s)
The 3d added a nice elemnet

Note to tom: Make it go from 10 to -10 as the sound was worse than the style

Congartulations to evryone involved

Right, before i start i would like to say well done to evryone who took part that was a amzaing set on of animations

Right lets start with....SPACE CHIKEN
Neat litle story u got there. and with a meaning i do belive, that kids eyes were so well drawn that u should get a award for that, so sad. Right, animations, are amazing, as you would come to expect from a "shades of *" production. Now although the ending was predictable it still made me laugh and the clorine joke was well though, even if it has been done before. That teacher was a very stero-typiccal teacher and for that one reason i really liked this one.

Next up we have....Greendom
Ur animations in this were superb even for "shades of *" It wasn't oringal the idea of relating blue to water but what u have dome with this movie has made up for the fact. Although it had no humour the end was good, even if the moral was bad!!! U stuck very well to everything being blue, one might have been tempted to make the gun grayer but well done for not doing just that.

Right lets do my name won't fit, if that is your real name. Right, i don't think i got that. Neat animation but i didn't understand what was goin on. PLZ explain, i am guessing you were finding out what was on the other side of a plug, i kninda lost it after that, replay and explain.

N&R(Dark and Rotten), cynaicall name. Oh well. Nice effects(old movie grain) at the start. Most deffintly the shortest, but amazingly kool, slick and funny, didn't go anywhere and the animation wasn't that adavnced but that was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny, i don't quite know why. Was that reel big fish in the backgorund??

I don't like the song, its some rubbishy rap right. Other than that i absolutly loved the animations, easily the best animated, and quite possibly the longest. It was very meaningful, esspecailly compared to some of the others!! I don't know what to say other than pick a better song...

Xionic Deamon
Once again i didn't like the music and once again u have made a amazing movie, look at dajamin, thats what i think of it.

A gr8 set of animations here, luv to see another "sahde of *" why not yellow next. I can't sya which one is my fav because i can't chose, also, some of u get a better taste of music man. The menu, who ever did it, gr9, one better than gr8. look forward to seein u in action again...


Joe Zombie with attitude

Well good. Nice cliff hangar ending. Well what can i say about the animations, smoother than i have ever seen.(fullstop) I know its sticks and all that and this will make some people give u bad score/review. but NG is a multi-animation-style site, and for that reason every movie should be treated equally. Well done on the movie. i am suprised u didn't get a weekly as well, i am looking forward to watching the next. One way to improve is sometimes it came a bit confusing which guy we were following

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